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Proper grooming not only keeps your dog looking and smelling pretty, it is also very important to her overall health.  Certain breeds need to be professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks, while others can get by with a just a spring and fall cleaning.  However, whether you have a Labrador or a Standard Poodle, there are some simple steps that you can take at home in between grooming appointments to keep your dog looking and feeling her best. 

Here's What You'll Learn In Your Private Consultation:

Learn Proper Brushing Technique

Even short-coated breeds need to be brushed out on a regular basis.  We'll teach you proper brushing techniques to help rid your dog of excess hair between grooming appointments and how to keep your longer coated dogs matt free.

Nails need to be trimmed regularly to keep the quick nice and short.  If you let your dog's nails grow out, it is not only painful, but it will take many successive nail trims before the nails are the proper length again.  We'll teach you how to easily trim your dog's nails in between grooming appointments.

Trim Nails Regularly

Learn How To Safely Clean Your Dog's Ears

Many dogs are susceptible to ear problems, especially floppy-eared breeds.  Gently cleansing your dog's ears on a regular basis will help to keep the proper pH balance in your dog's ear canal.  It is important to learn how to do this correctly though, so that you do not cause any damage. 

Diamond In The Ruff is truly unique.  We not only provide the finest professional grooming services, we also offer personal, one-on-one consultations with dog owners to teach them how to properly maintain their dog's coat, ears, and nails in between regular grooming appointments.

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